10 Proven Social Media Tips for Startups

10 Proven Social Media Tips for Startups (learnseosmo.com)

Do you guy’s are excited to know what is the best 10 Proven Social Media Tips for Startups?

Before starting with the points

Can I ask  you a simple question, Do you know

Why social media is important for Startups?

Social Media play a very important role in every startup to  increase brand awareness, help to reach the potential customer more effectively, and drive more website traffic and sales

Here are some more beneficial points 

  • To Generate More engagement all around the world.
  • Easily reach out to the potential customer 
  • Keep connecting with  the community
  • Get regular and suggestion to keep improving 
  • Cost-effective and more

Let’s start with an important Point

Whenever  any startup or individuals is planning to make social media platform strategies

They need to Asked some of the important questions to them-self.

You might be thinking

what question they are?

1.) Who is my real Audience

Real Audience mean’s

Having a clear define idea about Product research, Age, demographics, like and dislike, and more 

Here is an example

its will help you to understand

Suppose you have one product

Product is for Class 9 to 10, Curriculum Syllabus – Video Lectures 

so for this, you have a clear define audience it must be around between 13 to 16-year-old Students and more 

I hope you get the point of what I wanted to say, If you do not understand keep reading this article You will understand more effectively

then question Come to

2.How I Can provide Values 

Providing value to your audience, its most important task.

You need to come with some unique points like – Create free webinars, Free stuff, Give-away, and more.

Let’s DooM with points 

Best tips to drive Social media engagement for Startups in 2020

“10 Tips to Creating a Perfect 90x social media engagement to Start-ups strategies for Start-ups

1.) Provide value

Provide value we have already discussed above, but here we will understand more deeply 

The first fall You need to connect with your audience through content marketing, blogging, and different medium.

One of the best advice Here, I can give your 

  • Make stories

People love stories, Don’t tell me you don’t like stories 

Do you remember your Grandparent Or uncle tell there old age time interesting stories? 

How beautifully and calmly you listen

This is the same strategies, you can implement here

Create stories and narrates in  storytelling style with some tweak  points

An important point you need to keep in mind “your audience

Your stories must directly convey your brand message and Make it more engaging and Valuable.

2) Ask Questions

The aksing question to your audience is one of the best techniques you can use 

hers are one of my LinkedIn post 

 You can see, I have simply asked question in the format of fill up the line

10 best tips social media  engagement for your Startups


You can see the stats 

I got 75 like and 200 comments

The organic reach is around seventeen thousand three hundred Fourteen  (17314).

is it not Cool 

Hers are one more example this will help you to understand more and drive engagement on your social media post.

10 best tips to drive 100x the social media  engagement for your Startups

here, I got 45 like and 144 comments

The organic reach is around twelve thousand one hundred seventy -two ( 12,172) views.

So I just wanted to say 

You need to ask question In any format

Use Quiz’s,(Asked Question, Give 4 option, and asked your audience to answer’s.

  •  Rank it in Order format, and More

Pro tip – Suppose X is that, what will be …?
Ask them to fill up __?

this kinds of technique in social media strategies will help you to drive more engagement  

I hope you like the above social media technique,

Let’s move further


Video -provide Video content (learnseosmo.com)

3) Video

Video is the most effective way to grab the attention of  most of the young audiences

By posting small Videos on your social media its will create huge’s engagements, People love video content

You can post your video content on such a  good platform like ”  Youtube, Vimeo  Dailymotion

Things you can do

  • Educate your audiences through video
  • Promote and market your service and more

4.) Create an info-graphic.

By Creating an info-graphic will help to reach more effectively and will give an immensely attractive look to your Post 

Let me give you one example

Step you can follow

Suppose you have done key research about a particular  topic

You have 20 points, write down it and make small important points

Present to your audience in the format of infographics  

Make it more visually as well as give an attractive look.

People love to share infographics 

Pro Tips- “Use Graphs, Talk about stats, and more.

Best Social Media Marketing Tips for Your Startup 

5.) Talk about the latest Trends 

Here You can talk about the latest Trends topic of your niche

it will help your audience, to know which new things are coming in there field 

Present in any format but it must be simple and understandable to your audience 

For example, Suppose you are an Android app development company 

Things  You can talk about the latest updates come in “Android studio, API integration and more 

6.) Go Live

By going live on any social media platform where your audience is present 

you can access your real-time online users.

it may be  youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and more

its will help you to can connect with your audiences  in a better way’s 

you might be have noticed,

Why many You tubers, Instagram influencer says, that  I am coming live on this A, B, C social media platform at X, Y clock 

Its create a huge engagements opportunity as well as Its show you genuinely care your subscribers and followers

  • It helps both side’s engagement and Business points also. 

things you can do 

When you are going live on any social media platform?

Explore this opportunity and  Answer the Question of your subscribers and solve their doubts and more 

Basically, It depends on Niche

  • Get a Suggestion about your Video, Asked questions about what they wanted to learn

Pro Tips

You can be Announced of your any new upcoming products, course, and more

Reply Post Comments.. Social Media Tips for Startup in 2020

7.) Reply Post Comments.

this is the most important point to keep in mind for any startup they need to active more on your social media platform like 

Somebody has commented on your social media try to reply to them immediately or if possible within an hour’s, will create one bonding between you and your social media followers

Show you genuinely care about them.

Comments might Positive and Negative  

Respect Both the comments.

Here is one example

Suppose Some-buddy has commented negatively about your products or give Negative Feedback  

Replies to them positively and  Patiently try to understand the reasons

  • It might be a good suggestion to make changes in your products and more

One more point

  • You can Directly contact with the person to know more about, what is the reason. it will create a good impression of your, this shows company genuinely care about there social media followers 

8.) Share testimonial.

By Sharing testimonial, it will create trust as well as you can grab more attention from your New audiences, clients, customer, and more

  • whenever you are getting a testimonial from you existing clients try to get in video formats or you can also take in written format

Both testimonial format has the respective position, but According to Me, Video’s testimonial work more effectively.


Free Stuff  provide eBook, promo code (learnseosmo.comom)

9.) Free Stuff 

As we know that most of our audience like Free Stuff (don’t tell me you don’t like  )

Things you can do provide

  • Free eBook, webinars, Promo-code 
  • Free trails – of your Technical Tool, products for 14 day’s and more

Be active on social media Keep Analyzes your Stats on social media likes Social Media Tips for Startups in 2020

10.) Be active on social media

Be active on social media mean you need to keep posting your content on every social media platform, In any format like a video, info-graphics, Podcast, and more

Will help to connected regular with your audience and Replies each of the comments on your post’s

It might be negative and positive

  • Replies to them in Genuine way’s as we have already talked about above.

Things you need to keep in minds

  • “You can promote your service, products and more, try to make it in a more balanced way’s

If you are just promoting your products and service may be your social media audiences become annoying or don’t like, So make it balance between them is the best ways”

Key’s Lesson From my side )- 

  • Every “Startup has its own audiences and working Style” So makes social media strategic According to that.
  • You need to Keep changes your strategy according to the KPI of your social media stats 
  • Keep Analyzes your Stats on every social media likes reach and engagement, Views, comments, age, demographics, and more
  • Make Further Plan According to existing stats.


I hope this article will help you to understand and give you a more important idea about Social Media engagements Tips for different kinds of Startups

  • Remember every  social media play a very important and Crucial Role in every startup, to reach out to the potential customers, make continuously engagement with them, get suggestions on regular bases that will help to grow 100x time as well as more effective in branding on social media 

Would you like to add one more points 

is there any important points I have missed

Please let me know 

I really appreciate your Comments 

“Sharing is caring” 

Ashutosh Mishra 

In Social media strategy, Your can Add some of the important  Point Acc to your startup
Ask Questions, Video marketing, info-graphic Posting, Free Stuff and more

Here are some step you can follow to promote your startup on social media
First, know )-

  1. Who is my audience
  2. How I can provide Values to them

Same tips are there
1)  Provide valuable content
2.) Ask Questions
2.) Video marketing
3.) Info-graphic posting
4.) Reply Post Comments.

You need to follow step by step process for launching your startup on social media
First You Need to Provide valuable content to Your Audience.
Follow important steps like

  • Like Post Video, info-graphic Posting, Give ways,  Ask Questions, and more

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