How to get Job in top digital marketing companies of India

How I got 5 Job offer letter from top Digital marketing of India Ashutosh mishra digital marketer

Hi, Do you guys are excited to know

How I got 5 job offer letter from reputed digital marketing companies of India

wait, wait I will be covering everything  in details

How I crack this  job opportunity

So, Let’s get started “Boom”

Last year being as 1st year graduate students I was looking for a job on the bases on my practical experience of digital marketing

I was so clear that I need to  Give as many interviews in digital marketing companies, learn the process, Crack the interviews, and explore the opportunity.

Do you know?

While giving interviews in these digital marketing companies, I learned lots about the practical knowledge of interviews what things we need to keep in mind, Preparation strategies, projects, and more

Definitely , It would help me to crack lots more interviews in the upcoming future and

In today article I will be sharing all the important Point that would  help you to crack the interviews of Digital Marketing Companies

Here are the 10 important Point to crack Digital Marketing Companies

Research About the companies -

1) Research About the companies

Always remember before interviewing any company you need to research about the companies

While Researching about the companies

You will learn lots, like

What companies is all about, the team  Size, technology, reviews, and more

I think you may be have thought  that

What is the connection between research about the companies in the interviews process?

let me explain


You are applying for a profile -SEO Executive

First, you can Research about  the website, Social media page, and more

Find out some SEO errors on their website, and social media page.

Get Prepared some suggestion, that you can suggest

while giving face to face round of interviews

It helps lots – Shown that you are sincere candidates for the companies

2) Make your specific resume

Always remember  your resume must be speaking about,  who you are and who you can help companies

So make sure to spend some time to make your resume  write about yourself, Key Skills,  projects,  Experience, and more

3) Read all the important concept of

Google algorithm’s, SEO (basic to intermediate), Google analytics,  Google search console, Google AdWords, social media marketing,  and more

Pro tips

  • Must remember all the important update of  Google algorithm’s and social media

Present your projects - ashutosh mishra digital marketer

4) Present your projects

This is one of my favorite points

As far as my experience Remember every company like candidates who have a hand to hand experience in digital marketing 

It may be your Personal blog, prior experience of an internship, and more

Explains all the functioning -what you have done in projects.

One thing Always remember your Practical knowledge will increase 90-95%  the chance’s to get selected in interviews

5) Don’t use any word if you are not sure about it

You may be thinking

Why I have mentioned this point?

The reason behind is that lot’s of us we use some complicated Term in interview to impress to interviewers but most of the time  we are not sure about that which makes us in trouble

So Don’t use any word that you are not sure about it

Use the simple word that will help you clear your interviews round easily.

Answer all the Question with confidence, not overconfidence -

6) Answer all the Question with confidence, not overconfidence

Whenever you are answering the question of interviews, you must have confidence and your positive attitude toward the answer must be shown in your body language.

One  more important point

  • Answer the questions with Confidence, not overconfidence

Remember interviewers have lots of years of experience, they will immediately catch you, how much knowledge you have and where you are lacking.

7.) Don’t afraid to say “No I don’t know the answer

If you don’t know the answer to any question, or if you are not sure about the answer, calmly say Sir or Mam I don’t know the answer.

Sometime when we try to overact with answer it might create a bad impression toward interviewers.

So, humbly saying work best –

8.) Get well prepared for practical round’s of interviews

Preparing for a practice round of interviews is one of the most important tasks, Every company have their own criteria for taking interviews rounds.

So Prepared well, before interviewing.

9.) Keep your moral up with positive thought, calm, and smile.

I can understand, what feeling was going on your mind whenever you are giving rounds of interviews to any company.

it might be Lot’s of Negative thought is bombarding  in minds

Should I get selected  or Not and lot’s More

So, keep you’re moral up with positive thought keep calm, and smile.

Humbly Accept the Results - Ashutosh Mishra digital marketer

10) Humbly Accept the Results

I know that Everyone gets excited to know what will be the be interview result

whether I will be get selected  or not

Both results are important And it plays a very important role  if you get selected it’s really good and keep this sprit

But, If you do not get selected

No Need to feel disheartened, always remember you’re positive attitude is everything, Find out the points

Where you lack in interviews, how you can improve, Prepared well, and then Give interviews

As far as my experienced Digital marketing interviews are not so difficult

But It changes lot’s As per the Roles of Digital Marketing Profile

As I mention all the Above Points are applicable for fresher to the intermediate level profile of Digital marketing.

So, this was all from my side.

I have tried to cover all the learning experience in this article, Hope it would help you to clear digital marketing interviews

Let me known

Which Points you like Most?

Would you like to add Any point

I Am very curious to know



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