Points you need to keep in mind while sending personalized note on linkedin

latest Points you need to know while sending a personalized note on LinkedIn

What I Learned From sending 40+ personalized note to my fellow LinkedIn connection,

Curious to know)-

Let’s DooM

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1.) The first fall whom you are sending personalized request note down their name, quality, give a reason why you wanted to connect with them

2.) whenever you are sending a personalized request to any individuals

Use their first name,

for example -Ankit sir, Shreya mam, Hi, hey

But don’t use hello sir/mam. it’s too much irritating 🙈

3.) Don’t use the same message for everyone, reason whom you are sending a request a person is smart enough to catch your writing and message style might be getting 100+ request per day

So, the probability is less than 5% of acceptance

4.) Give a reason why you wanted to connect with them

In my case, I admire my fellow connection contents, way of writing, formatting, and more

5.) Be genuine with everyone, don’t try to over smart in the personalized request, use simple language it must be connected with the person whom you are sending

That simple)-

let’s talk about some stats

Sent 40+ personalized note to my connection, founder, and more

The accepted ratio is 95 % – hurray

10 % Its depends on several factors

Now the desk is your

let me know your thought?

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